机器人选修课 Elective in Robotics 2014/2015

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The course, which gives 12 ECTS credits, is organized in 4 modules. Each module consists of a series of lectures/seminars given by internal or external researchers in the field. For 2014/2015, the modules will be the following:

For additional details and material, access the webpage of the individual modules by following the above links, which will be updated in due time.


A general background in robotics (kinematics, dynamics, planning, control), as given for example in Robotics 1Robotics 2, and Autonomous and Mobile Robotics, is desirable but not mandatory.



- Siciliano, Sciavicco, Villani, Oriolo, Robotics: Modelling, Planning and Control, 3rd Edition, Springer, 2009 (also available in Italian by McGraw-Hill)
[chapters 11 and 12 cover lectures 2-10]

- Siciliano, Khatib, Eds., Handbook of Robotics, Springer, 2008
[chapters 16 and 26 cover lectures 12-13 and 11, respectively]

- Choset, Lynch, Hutchinson, Kantor, Burgard, Kavraki, Thrun, Principles of Robot Motion: Theory, Algorithms and Implementations, MIT Press, 2005
[a useful reference for the whole course; chapter 8 covers lectures 15-16]

See also
- Siegwart, Nourbakhsh, Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots, MIT Press, 2004
- Thrun, Burgard, Fox, Probabilistic Robotics, MIT Press, 2005

All these books are available in the DIAG library.

Various Material

- 2013/2014: Final projects proposal and assignments
- 2013/2014: Final Class test with solution and results
- 2012/2013: Final projects proposal and assignments
- 2012/2013: Final Class test with solution and results
2011/2012: Final projects proposal and assignments
- 2011/2012: Final Class test with solution and results
- 2010/2011: Final projects proposal and assignments
- 2009/2010: Final projects
- 2010/2011: Class test 1 with solution and results, Class test 2 with solution and results
- 2009/2010: Class test 1 with solution, Class test 2 with solution

- Control brush-up:
* a review of stability theory
* basics of stabilization via feedback
(in Italian)

- MATLAB code:
* a PRM-based planner for a 2R manipulator (12_7.zip)
* an RRT-based planner for a unicycle
* a 2D point planner based on a numerical navigation function
Look for the s12_x.m (x=7,8,13) file in each unzipped folder - these are the files to be run in MATLAB. The names are due to the fact that these are the solutions ("s") of problems 12.x of the book "Robotics: Modelling, Planning and Control". Inside each folder there is also a ReadMe file with specific instructions.

- An application for computing C-obstacles for a 2R manipulator (2R_C_Space). Includes a topologically correct representation of the C-space (a torus) and an RRT-planner. The application runs on Mac, Linux and PC; see the instructions in the README file. An email address for sending feedback and bug reports to the developer (Pouya Mohammadi)  is contained in the "About" tab.

- How to read a research paper



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