ROS四旋翼教学视频:Learning ROS for Drone 1_Getting started and installing ROS

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Learning ROS series - 1






The Robot Operative System (ROS) is an open-source, framework for robot application development maintained by the Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF). A ROS system is comprised of a number of independent nodes, each of which communicates with the other nodes using a publish/subscribe messaging model that can be deployed over different computers.

ROS was originally developed in 2007 by the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL) with the support of the Stanford AI Robot project. As of 2008, development continues primarily at Willow Garage, a robotics research institute, with more than 20 institutions collaborating within a federated development model. In February 2013, ROS stewardship transitioned to the Open Source Robotics Foundation. ROS is released under the terms of the BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) license and is an open source software.

At Erle Robotics we believe that ROS is the key tool for the future development of robotics. In a few years ROS has changed the field unifying universities and industry around the world, enhanced collaboration, sharing of algorithms and reuse of code. With the feedback from our users and community, we’ve decided to put together a series about learning ROS using our Linux drones and autopilots. Here's the first episode:


We'll be showing how to make autonomous behaviors through the Robot Operating System so stay tuned for more.


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