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Google Ngram Viewer

欢迎使用 Google 搜索解析

google Advanced Scholar Search Tips

Google 学术搜索



HARK-ROS Installation Instructions - HARK wiki

Ubuntu -- Package Search Results -- cairo-gobject

Index of _releases_blinky-3.0

Events_ICRA2010Tutorial - ROS Wiki


Intro to AI - Announcements

CSCI 1410 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

CS 229_ Machine Learning (Course handouts)

Brown CS195F_ Spring 2012


Stanford University CS 221 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

George Luger人工智能大牛



Embodied Artificial Intelligence 2003

Mnemosyne Studio

在线书、代码、资源Artificial Intelligence - foundations of computational agents

PhD Course_ Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems

Artificial Intelligence - foundations of computational agents


Computer Vision - Free E-Books

OpenCV 编程简介(矩阵_图像_视频的基本读写操作) - OpenCV China :图像处理,计算机视觉库,Image Processing, Computer Vision

Welcome to opencv documentation! — OpenCV v2.3 documentation

Shape Matching and Object Recognition

Computer Vision

Peter's Functions for Computer Vision

Marco Zuliani's web page Vision Matlab

Ashutosh Saxena --- Autonomous Aerial Vehicles

Seth Hutchinson

Processing and Opencv 2.3.1 – How to install in win 7 « Robottini

SIRSLab » Robotic Vision

Robotics Institute_ Vision and Autonomous Systems Center


Visul Servoing

Vilas Kumar Chitrakaran - Mechatronics - Clemson University

Publications of Ezio Malis research scientist in computer vision robotics visual servoing control image based camera tracking

Vista Project Software

Matlab Visual Servoing Toolbox _ Free Home & Education software downloads at SourceForge.net

Visual Servoing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

SIRSLab » Robotic Vision

The Epipolar Geometry Toolbox (EGT)

Visual Servoing

Visual Servoing - Hashimoto-Kagami Lab., Tohoku Univ.

Lagadic research project - INRIA Rennes

Chris Gaskett - Research vision-based, learning control

Vision Based Obstacle Avoidance Techniques _ InTechOpen

High Speed Obstacle Avoidance using Monocular Vision and Reinforcement Learning

Autonomous car – obstacle avoidance with embedded vision _ Jeff's Inventions


Summer School Materials

日本高速视觉控制Hashimoto-Kagami Lab., Tohoku Univ.


LeftNotEasy - 博客园

Tom Mitchell's Home Page

CMU Machine Learning Group

Carnegie Mellon Machine Resources

Reinforcement Learning Repository at University of Massachusetts, Amherst

University of Cambridge_ Control Group

Reinforcement Learning Reading Group - Reinforcement Learning

NASA - NASA Dryden Fact Sheet - Intelligent Flight Control System

Rich Sutton's Home Page机器学习

Andrew G. Barto, 机器学习

机器学习中的数学 - gmayren的日志 - 网易博客

KDDRG - Resources

Machine Learning - research_index


博士论文及webot代码 code_

Home Page of P. A. Crook


Reinforcement Learning Introduction

Reinforcement Learning Repository at UMass, Amherst

Reinforcement Learning Toolbox

Reinforcement Learning Software

Tools for Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks and Robotics (Matlab and Python)

Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence, worldwide

UrbiForge Robots_Webots

Free Connectionist Q-learning Java Framework - Home

Q-Learning By Examples

Code for Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning

Matlab Repository for Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning Online

Reinforcement learning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Leemon Baird's Home Page

Hado van Hasselt


Home _ AI Challenge

RL Competition 2009

Welcome to Qu,Zhonghua 's Homepage

Sample code - How to implement Q-learning

Reinforcement Learning - Source Code

控制重点研究Machine Learning - publications_index

Matlab codes for some RL and DP algorithms.

About Drew

Rich Sutton's Home Page

Reinforcement Learning in Practice

Knowledge-Based Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning Mailing List _ Google 网上论坛

星际争霸研究人员Q-learning Firas Safadi

斯坦福课程_ Reinforcement Learning

Pieter AApprenticeship Learning

Policy Gradient Toolbox - Research - Intelligent Autonomous Systems - Informatik - TU Darmstadt

Hasselmo laboratory MATLAB scripts

NEAT software

Repository - Webpage of Lucian Busoniu

PSY338_NEU338 Animal Learning and Decision Making

Cart-Pole Balancing by Reinforcement Learning

Evaluative Reinforcement (TAMER) - Teaching an Agent Manually via Evaluative Reinforcement (TAMER)

可达性保证安全Jeremy Gillula


五个免费开源的数据挖掘软件 _ 酷壳 - CoolShell.cn

JMLR Machine Learning Open Source Software

Software for machine learning

mloss _ Project details_RL Glue and Codecs



[TED] 宾夕法尼亚大学Vijay Kumar教授 - 四旋翼碟形飞行无人机 _ 四轴无人机_在线视频观看_土豆网视频 Vijay 四旋翼碟形 四旋翼碟形飞行无人机 无人机 四轴 宾夕法尼亚

Aggressive Maneuvers For Autonomous Quadrotor Flight _ GRASP Laboratory - University Of Pennsylvania

飞行控制(Flight Control) 来自 设计我最赞的博客-与非网博客

Autonomous Helicopter_ Stanford University AI Lab

Professor Vijay Kumar超机动无人机

超机动Daniel Mellinger Website _ Main _ HomePage

Andrew Ng - Research Projects

Flight Dynamics and Control_ Hybrid Systems Lab - Unmanned Vehicles


Girish Chowdhary - MIT ACL Members

MSc Course ‘‘Linear Matrix Inequalities in Control (wb2416)’’

Dr. John Valasek

Flight Dynamics and Control Lab - Dr. Taeyoung Lee

F.L. Lewis, Ph.D.

TU Delft_ F-35 Reconfigurable Flight Control Design and Evaluation

ee674 _ Classes - Beard

Randy Beard

UAV Control Engineering

Jeremy Gillula

Roger Frigola _ Machine Learning Group _ University of Cambridge

Nathan Michael _ Main - Papers browse

Vijay Kumar wiki - Home Page

MLSC_ Machine Learning & Sensorimotor Control

MIT Computational Cognitive Science Group - Resources

Myung Hwangbo's Home Page

BECS _ Research _ Bayesian Statistical Methods _ Downloads _ EKF_UKF Toolbox for Matlab


Papers and videos - numenta.com

Intelligent Machines - Monitoring non-human intelligence in the wild

Intelligent Control - Selection of References, by Dr. Milos Manic

10 Classics from Cognitive Science

认知神经科学 下载 - Google 搜索

CMUSphinx Wiki - CMUSphinx Wiki

PSYCH 140C_ Cognitive Science

Sethu Vijayakumar, Professor of Robotics, University of Edinburgh, UK

Sethu Vijayakumar

publications [Zico Kolter]

Pieter Abbeel _ EECS at UC Berkeley

Control, Intelligent Systems, and Robotics (CIR) _ EECS at UC Berkeley


Reinforcement Learning and Control

Learning Locomotion

The Stanford University Learning Locomotion Project

MIT CSAIL Research Abstracts

Boston Dynamics_ Dedicated to the Science and Art of How Things Move.

Learning Locomotion

DARPA Learning Locomotion

Robot Locomotion Group

Robotics Lab - UCSB

nonlinear and adaptive control

Miroslav Krstic - Nonlinear and Adaptive Control

Certification of Adaptive Control for Manned and Unmanned Aircraft - Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Dynamic Systems & Control


• L1 adaptive control tutorials - Naira Hovakimyan - MechSE - Illinois

Active Adaptive Control Laboratory - Active Adaptive Controls Laboratory, MIT

Adaptive control by Landau, Lozano, M'Saad and Karimi, Springer

CCSD - Center for Control Systems and Dynamics


Robust Robotics Group _ CSAIL Main_Publications

Brown CS_ Chad Jenkins

Boomrang Robot

Boomrang Robot » Blog Archive » 命令行下进入当前目录的技巧(适用于中文Win2000_XP)

Program _ ROSCon 2012


80-120万智能机器人Chief Architecture - IT Hunter Frank的日志 - 网易博客


The Orocos Project _ Smarter control in robotics & automation!

Udacity公开课视频及下载-无人驾驶汽车编程(CS 373_ Programming a Robotic Car) - 我爱公开课


The Figla Robot Cleaner

Robot cleaner

Autonomous outdoor cleaning robot - we make money not art

Aqua Products Aquabot Pooljet Robotic Cleaner (apj) _ BJ's Wholesale Club

Embedded Control Systems Design - Wikibooks, open books for an open world




Endangered Animals

25 (Free) 3D Modeling Applications You Should Not Miss

TurboSquid_ Aircraft-3d-obj

at.ofai.music.plot JAVA call Matlab

cobbin.com main page

Amarino - _Android meets Arduino_ - Download

BUILD CIRCUIT » Multi color Lamp using Amarino, Android and Arduino



首頁 - Arduino.TW樂園

Make 國際中文版 — DIY Projects, Inspiration, How-tos, Hacks, Mods & More @ Makezine.com.tw - Tweak Technology to Your Will

TWiki . Mobileandembedded . PhoneMEAdvanced

retrieve the video stream from an Axis camera - Java

Downloads - ossbuild - Open Source Software Build Environment - Google Project Hosting

Tablet PC 东芝平板电脑 触屏驱动 安装教程 SP3_宋文锋_百度空间

HP Compaq tc4200 Tablet PC -  Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center

How to Convert XP to XP Tablet _ eHow.com

图片stock.xchng - the leading free stock photography site

乐Pad A1变M1 第三方MIUI固件刷机评测_联想 乐Pad A1 WLAN 2GB(珍珠白)_平板电脑评测-中关村在线

[DEV] Lenovo Ideapad A1 Kernel Development_Testing - xda-developers

Lenovo LePad A107 通用MIUI (建议2G版已分区用,16G版未测试,愿意做白老鼠的刷)-联想乐Pad A1论坛-木蚂蚁安卓论坛 Android安卓手机平板游戏系统应用,主题壁纸铃声下载,原创ROM,安卓汉化分享论坛 - Powered by Discuz!

Kalman filter toolbox for Matlab

Pansenti » Technologies开源嵌入式云计算



- videolectures.net

Bayesian Inference - videolectures.net

Machine Learning Summer School (MLSS ), Bordeaux 2011 - VideoLectures - videolectures.net

ManyBooks.net - Ad-free eBooks for your iPad, Kindle, or eBook reader


科学网—中英文电子书免费下载网站大全 - 王伟华的博文

Introduction To Bayesian Inference - videolectures.net

Import to Mendeley

英文手机电子书 - Free eBook



Overview - Paparazzi-uav

Cheetah Quadrotor – ETH PIXHAWK_ MAV Computer Vision Wiki

The Oooark FlightGear Scicoslab Interface - openAE Forum

DIY _ Homebrew Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Enter the Mainstream _ Hizook

UAV Photos - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Contributors _ UAS VISION


极坐标Dynamics eBook_ Curv_ Polar Coordinates

球坐标Dynamics in Spherical Coordinates - Application Center

HeX - Air Robot

Aerospace Controls Laboratory _ Publications

Unmanned System Research Group _


Beard, R.W. and McLain, T.W._ Small Unmanned Aircraft_ Theory and Practice.

lecture _ Small Unmanned Aircraft_ Theory and Practice

project _ Small Unmanned Aircraft_ Theory and Practice

Small Unmanned Aircraft _ 8 State Estimation - Pg. 143_ Safari Books Online


Source Checkout - uav-simulation-on-flightgear - UAV SIM on Flightgear, Indiana University Bloomington, B659 Robotic Motion Final Project - Google Project Hosting


AIRobots - Home


UAV MATLAB-based mathematical model of unmanned aircraft flight simulation program www.pudn.com


Mathematical Model and Six-Degree-of-Freedom Simulation of a Business Jet Aircraft

UrbiForge UrbiOpenSourceContestProjects_Stiop 2

SimplySim - SimplyCube - 3D application development tools - Showcase - Overview

How can UAVs be simulated using ROS_ - ROS Answers_ Open Source Q&A Forum

visual-python-quadrotor-simulation - A quadrotor simulation using visual python and pyode - Google Project Hosting

Webots_ robot simulator - Support - Forum

Tools - Active Adaptive Controls Laboratory, MIT

QUADROTOR的控制及虚拟现实 - MATLAB 代码生成 - MATLAB中文论坛 - Powered by Discuz!

multi-rotor-uav - FYP - Google Project Hosting

Publications on Virtual Robots and USARSim - RoboCup

UAVdesign.net Blockset

hector_quadrotor - ROS Wiki

Simulation with FlightGear - Documentation - OpenPilot Wiki

UMN UAV Flight Code_ Control Laws


UMN UAV Simulation

System Identification

ETH - Bison System Identification 2011

ENGG 149_ Introduction to Systems Identification _ Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth



Cart-Pole Dynamics Testbed and Analysis - MIL Wiki

ai-one _ SDKs for building machine learning applications

Reinforcement learning and adaptive dynamic programming for feedback control


Derong Liu - ADP Papers

DBLP_ F. Y. Wang

Dynamic Programming and Optimal Control

Sethu Vijayakumar

Fundamentals - Research - DCSC


CTMS Example_ Modeling Pitch Controller

Control Tutorials for MATLAB and Simulink

科学网—MATLAB调用C_C++函数的方法 - 汪自军的博文

学习MATLAB能帮我找到工作么?MATLAB就业市场如何?Simulink呢? - MATLAB 基础讨论 - MATLAB中文论坛 - Powered by Discuz!

About Trendy

Mathtools.net _ MATLAB_Control and Systems Modeling_Tutorials

Openblockslib - bosar强化学习simulink

MathWorks 中国 - Support - Supported and Compatible Compilers - Release 2012a - Windows (32-bit)


Jade - Java Agent DEvelopment Framework

PhD Course_ Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems



InteRRaP Hybrid Architecture for Robotic & Multi-Agent Systems _ SharpRobotica.com - Sharp ideas for the software side of robotics

Home Page of Lin Padgham

Managing complex adaptive systems

Architectural Paradigms of Robotic Control _ SharpRobotica.com - Sharp ideas for the software side of robotics



Vision Based Autonomous Robot Navigation_ Algorithms and Implementations (Studies in Computational Intelligence)_ Amitava Chatterjee, Anjan Rakshit, N. Nirmal Singh_ 9783642339646_ Amazon.com_ Books

ardurover-liu-cheng - Auto pilot ArduRover used for airport - Google Project Hosting

Robotics, Vision and Control_ Fundamental Algorithms in MATLAB - Peter Corke - Google 图书

UAV - 迅雷方舟 - 中国最大的原创内容分享社区

How I built a self-driving (RC) car and you can too.



rovio - ROS Wiki

Forums_ RoboCommunity

Rovio Development - Forum Topic_ RoboCommunity

RovioAutoBot (Java based)_ RoboCommunity

How-To_ Build your own Rovio Northstar Beacon_ RoboCommunity

CSK.Blog-对Wowwee Rovio机器人的拆解和扩展可能性探讨

mrpt__hwdrivers__CRovio Class Reference

Rovio mobile robot _ The Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit

rovio-nav - MATLAB Rovio code for filtering data and positioning - Google Project Hosting

Simultaneous localization and mapping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

SLAM (HTML5_Processing) - The Blog of Rog

Simultaneous Localization And Mapping _ 增强视觉 _ 计算机视觉 增强现实

CS 4758 _ 6758_ Robot Learning (Projects)

Rovio _ Wiki _ Home

Beacon Navigation (and other absolute position techniques) • Robot Reviews

How I built a self-driving (RC) car and you can too.


Reinforcement Learning and Approximate Dynamic Programming for Feedback Control (IEEE Press Series on Computational Intelligence)_ Frank L. Lewis, Derong Liu_ 9781118104200_ Amazon.com_ Books

Supervised Reinforcement Learning_ Application to an Embodied Mobile Robot_ Karla Conn_ 9783639420173_ Amazon.com_ Books

Beard, R.W. and McLain, T.W._ Small Unmanned Aircraft_ Theory and Practice.

嵌入式机器人学——基于嵌入式系统的移动机器人设计与应用(第3版) - 图书 - 当当网

Modeling and Control Simulation For Autonomous Quadrotor_ Quadrotor Nonlinear Modeling and Control Simulation using Matlab_Simulink environment_ Idris Eko Putro_ 9783844318067_ Amazon.com_ Books

Computational Intelligence Paradigms_ Theory & Applications using MATLAB_ S. Sumathi, Surekha Paneerselvam_ 9781439809020_ Amazon.com_ Books

Modeling and Neural Control of Quadrotor Helicopter_ MATLAB-SIMULINK Based Modeling, Simulation and Neural Control of Quadrotor Helicopter_ Yasir Amir Khan Niazi_ 9783838392981_ Amazon.com_ Books

Visual Servoing Control Based Three-Dimensional Tracking_ Theory, Algorithms, Practicalities_ Chao-Ching Ho_ 9783838305356_ Amazon.com_ Books

Optimal Adaptive Visual Servoing of Robot Manipulators_ An Algorithm for Speed Calculation of Moving Objects for Servoing Systems_ Sikander Hans_ 9783848425310_ Amazon.com_ Books

Neural Control Engineering _ The MIT Press

Tsinghua University Library _全部馆藏


[share_ebook] L1 Adaptive Control Theory_ Guaranteed Robustness with Fast Adaptation (Advances in Design and Control) by Naira Hovakimyan, Chengyu Cao _ Free eBooks Download - EBOOKEE!

Adaptive Representations for Reinforcement Learning

Amazon.com_ Safety-Critical Computer Systems_ Books

Mission-Critical and Safety-Critical Systems Handbook_ Design and Development for Embedded Applications - 免费电子图书下载!

身体的智能——智能科学新视角 - 图书 - 当当网

CRCnetBASE - Autonomous Mobile Robots

NN control

Shuzhi Sam Ge

Steven J. Schiff

Steven J. Schiff - Google Scholar Citations

Hierarchical Neural Network

Innovative Controls _ Papers _ Authored by Eugene Lavretsky

Nonlinear Controls and Robotics


Package_ areas_neural_systems_cmac_

TIle Coding (CMAC) for reinforcement learning - File Exchange - MATLAB Central

Java Neural Network Framework

Neuroph - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Neural Networks with Java

Introduction to Neural Networks with Java _ Heaton Research

JOONE - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Neuro-pilot Demo

Introduction to Neural Networks

Cart-Pole Controller Optimization [5 P]



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